The Best Duck Hunting Waders of 2018 – Honest Reviews & Guide

Picture of Duck Hunting WadersChoosing the best duck hunting waders for your needs is a must for any serious wetland hunter. While you can hunt waterfowl from afar, you increase your odds by wading your way in. However, it won’t be long before you find yourself shriveled up like a pear, shivering cold, or running the risk of frostbite. For these reasons, you absolutely need to invest in the best duck hunting waders to keep you warm and dry.

While your first inclination may be to invest in some thermals and above knee boots, spillage is inevitable—and there’s nothing worse than a soggy boot. You want your time and attention to be focused solely on the task at hand, which is why you must find the best duck hunting waders on the market. Size, fit, warmth, durability, and waterproofing are some of the key things to look for when you’re choosing the best hunting waders. We also want to mention that if you’re a fisherman in the off-season, these can double as some of the best fishing waders for the money.

Here’s our list of the top hunting waders, and what makes each unique. Check out our favorites below!

What Are The Best Duck Hunting Waders For The Money?


Picture of Allen Cattail Bootfoot Duck Hunting Waders

1. Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Duck Hunting Waders

These hunting waders are thoughtfully designed for both fit and function. While you want your waders to keep you warm and dry, you also want them to be comfortable. The rubber boots are Thinsulate insulated, with a semi-hard toe cap. Unlike many waders, they even have a durable steel arch support. The adjustable suspenders have a D-ring attached to the base to for clipping your extra gear. Added perks include padded knees, hand warmer, and waist belt. The high back, mid-level front makes this an easy option for the ladies to wear, just convert from men’s shoe size to women’s. This neoprene wader keeps you both warm in subzero temps, but is breathable in average weather. All you’ll need underneath are thin shorts, or your trusted thermals—and of course your favorite flannel or jacket on top. If you are an avid hunter, these may only last one season—but if you only hunt a handful of times each year, this will be part of your gear for years to come.


Picture of Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Wader

2. Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Duck Hunting Waders

These are one of the best duck hunting waders you will find for subzero temps. With both a high waist and high back, the Thinsulate will keep you warm and protect against the lake effect wind chill. Even the adjustable straps are made from neoprene and feature a hook and loop fastener. The fit on these waders is designed to be a bit roomier than most neoprene, meaning you can wear a heavier layer underneath—or can simply forgo the unappealing tight fit. Keep your hands warm with a fleece lined hand warmer, and your toes toasty with a wool lined Thinsulate boot. Puncture-proof knees make sure this wader will hold up when hunting and fishing. As one of the best waders for duck hunting, each seam is triple stitched.


Picture of LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro Waders

3. LaCrosse Swamp Tuff Pro Duck Hunting Waders

What do you get when you cross neoprene with spandex and Lycra? A Field & Stream’s Best of the Best Award winning wader that’s what! These are some of the most durable waders on the market. They are double stitched, and bonded and taped. The outer shell isn’t just made from waterproof neoprene, but is coated with an abrasion-resistant liquid rubber. As with most of our best hunting waders, a marsh camo design on the outside that ensures you blend in with your natural surroundings. There is a removable shotgun shell pouch can attach to your waist, which is large enough to hold a full box of shells. You even have a backpack-esque attached game bag on the back bib. This is a high-waisted wader with adjustable straps. Another nice feature is that the boot has a contoured ankle, designed to prevent slipping and chafing.

Picture of Waterfowl MAX-5 Waders

4. Waterfowl MAX-5 Hunting Waders

While many of the waders on our list are designed for either fishing or waterfowl, this wader is designed solely for hunting your favorite birds. One of our favorite features is the roomy handwarmer on the chest, and the super flexible—and reinforced knee panels. Neoprene like most, with a nylon-lined exterior. The straps are nylon, which may be the only downside. Convenient D-rings for clipping gear allow you to stay hands and pack-free. Hard core cleats on the boots are make this a water-appropriate wader.  Legs are a bit long, so pull the straps up high.


Picture of Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Chest Waders

5. Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Chest Waders

If neoprene or rubber waders aren’t your thing, you hunt and fish only on occasion, or don’t need to worry about staying warm—these are a cost-effective, yet durable option. Simple, yet one of the best duck hunting waders out there. Significantly lighter than both neoprene or rubber, and the nylon won’t chafe. The boots are made from PVC, meaning they will outlast the standard waterproof rubber. Also more comfortable than tromping through the marsh with bulky rubber boots. Cleated outsole helps to keep you grounded. Not a lot of extra bells and whistles, but one outer pocket and adjustable straps. Not camo, but monotone. And while these are great for duck hunting, they’re also some of the best fishing waders out there.

Picture of Allen Big Timber Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders

6. Allen Big Timber Bootfoot Neoprene Chest Waders

As with most waders, you want to order .5 to 1.5 boot sizes larger. For example, if you wear a 10.5 boot, order nothing less than an 11 so that you can wear your favorite wool socks underneath. Just like all Allen waders, you have the comfort of a steel arch in the boot, and a semi-hard toe cap. This model comes with a built-in chest pocket/handwarmer, and a comfort fit waist belt. External D-rings make it easy to connect gear and packs.


Picture of Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Boot-foot Chest Wader

7. Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Boot-foot Chest Wader

These are one of the best waders for duck hunting. They have a top loading pocket that doubles as your hand warmer. Impressive padding and reinforcement on the knees ensures that both your knees and calves are protected. D-rings hang from the adjustable strap for improved function. You’ll probably need to air these out before wearing, as the waterproofing has a bit of a chemical aroma—but these will keep you dry. These are one of the best hunting waders (and best fishing waders), but if you will be wading past mid-waist—they may not be high enough. Again, not camo but an easy neutral.

Roughing It For The Best Duck Hunting Waders

You deserve the best duck hunting waders on the market, and you simply can’t go wrong with any of the waders on this list. The frequency of your hunting and your preference in materials will play a major role in your decision. And when in doubt, remember that it’s better to order larger waders than smaller. Keep in mind that these waders can be considered as some of the best fishing waders as well, so you’ll get even more use out of them after duck hunting season.

Importantly, remember that where/when you will be wading will help to determine which of the best waders you should buy. These are some of the best duck hunting waders for cold weather, below waist, and above waist wading. Keep in mind that waders are made with men in mind, but the ladies can certainly wear them too. Not all waders will comfortably fit a woman’s curves, so you may have to try on a few to find the right fit.


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